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How many ways can you think of to use glass? The obvious answers are in windows, in mirrors, and to make glasses. Of course, glass has so many other uses. Fiberglass cables, which are made from fine shreds of glass, can be used to transmit information. Thicker sheets of fiberglass are used as insulation. Plus, glass can be used to make decorative sculptures, scientific instruments, thermometers, and even marbles. The possibilities are endless, and surely in the future, people will think of even more uses for glass. We hope to honor the versatility of glass by providing an array of articles on this website.


Things You Can Expect From Professional Auto Glass Repair Services

4 January 2023
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If there is ever glass on your vehicle that is damaged, such as a chip on the windshield, it's important to let professionals handle the repair. Here are several reasons why professional auto glass repair services are worth your time and money.  Prevent More Damage From Happening  If you attempted to fix damaged auto glass on your vehicle, you may make things worse. For instance, you may use the wrong tool or put too much pressure on the glass and thus cause it to damage even more. Read More …