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How many ways can you think of to use glass? The obvious answers are in windows, in mirrors, and to make glasses. Of course, glass has so many other uses. Fiberglass cables, which are made from fine shreds of glass, can be used to transmit information. Thicker sheets of fiberglass are used as insulation. Plus, glass can be used to make decorative sculptures, scientific instruments, thermometers, and even marbles. The possibilities are endless, and surely in the future, people will think of even more uses for glass. We hope to honor the versatility of glass by providing an array of articles on this website.


Spring Maintenance For Your Windows

14 April 2020
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The windows in your home are an important part of the building. Proper window maintenance will help ensure that your windows don't contribute to heat transfer, which can cause energy loss and increase your monthly utility costs. Spring is the perfect time to give your windows a thorough inspection and repair any damage sustained during the harsh winter months. Seal Air Leaks Residential windows can develop air leaks over time. These air leaks allow heat transfer between your home's interior and the outside environment. Read More …