Residential Glass Windows — Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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Residential Glass Windows — Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

8 May 2023
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There are bound to be glass windows around your home. They serve an important role and to keep them in optimal shape long-term, you'll want to care for them in a couple of strategic ways over the years. 

Test Window's Opening Mechanism If Relevant

If you have glass windows that can open and close, then you want to test out this aspect every couple of months or so. Then if you see that there is a problem with window movement in any capacity, you'll know to repair the issue. You just need to make a note of all relevant performance issues that you spot during these inspections.

If the window problems aren't too severe, you might be able to fix them yourself. For instance, if the glass windows have friction when they open, you might be able to lubricate some parts to restore optimal performance. Then for the more severe complications with movement, always hire a window repair contractor. They can fix things like broken crank systems with ease.

Use Compressed Air Inside the Tracks

If you have glass windows that slide left to ride, then they'll be mounted on a track system. It's important that you keep this track clean so that your windows don't have any issues with movement to either side. 

The best way to clean these tracks is to send compressed air down inside them. You can do this quickly and then get a thorough clean, removing things like dirt and debris. Then your residential glass windows should move great for a long time. 

Perform Detailed Inspections After Storms

If your home is ever hit by a severe storm, it helps to inspect your residential glass windows afterward. You can then make sure they didn't suffer any type of damage. Just keep a lookout for things like chips, cracks, and even shattered sections.

All types of damage are possible, especially if the storm created strong winds and hail. Fortunately, you can perform these basic inspections yourself and then hire professional window repair contractors if you notice something major that you're not able to fix all by yourself.

Glass windows around your home are pivotal for many reasons, such as bringing in natural light. If you do your best to care for them year-round, then there's no reason why they can't last for a long time. You'll have beautiful windows that continue to perform great each month.