Choose A Shower Door Over A Shower Partition

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Choose A Shower Door Over A Shower Partition

21 February 2023
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One of the decisions that you'll need to make when you're planning to have a modern-looking shower in your primary bathroom is how the glass around it will look. Some people like the idea of using a glass shower partition, which is a wall that extends along part of the shower area's perimeter but leaves an opening through which you'll enter and exit the shower. Another option is to have a glass shower door, which is available in many styles. While a simple glass partition can have some stylistic advantages, you may find that having a shower door is simply a better fit for you. Here are some reasons that a shower door can be better than a shower partition.

Less Heat Loss

If you're the type of person who often feels chilly, getting into a hot shower can be something that you eagerly anticipate throughout the day — particularly during the winter. If you've ever used a shower that solely has a glass partition, you may recall feeling a draft of cool air entering the shower space. This air can be enough to chill your body to some degree, even if you're in a hot shower. A shower enclosure that has a door provides a better seal around you, helping to keep cold air from the bathroom out of the shower and allowing you to stay warm.

Humidity Control

If you want the glass around your shower to extend all the way to the ceiling, which offers a tidy and stylish look, having a door will be better than solely having a partition when it comes to humidity in the bathroom. People often shower while their significant other is using the bathroom in a different way. A shower that only has a glass partition will cause the bathroom to quickly fill with humid air, which can impede someone's ability to shave or do their makeup in the mirror. When you have a shower door with a good seal, the humid air will mostly remain in the shower — allowing the other person in the bathroom to have a clear mirror.

Less Escape Of Water

Shower partitions are typically positioned close to the shower head, which means that the partition will theoretically block the water from escaping the shower and ending up on your bathroom floor. Unfortunately, a shower that solely has a partition can sometimes result in the escape of water. If you stand back from the partition, water may deflect off your body and run onto the floor. When you have a proper door on your shower enclosure, there's no chance of water escaping.

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