Getting A New Shower Door Installed? 2 Benefits Of Choosing A Custom Shower Enclosure

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Getting A New Shower Door Installed? 2 Benefits Of Choosing A Custom Shower Enclosure

21 November 2022
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If you need a new shower door or are installing a new shower in your bathroom, you should consider installing a custom shower enclosure. Choosing custom may cost more money and take longer but it is well worth it because of the many benefits this offers you. Keep reading to learn more about this so you can hire a contractor to install your custom shower enclosure. 

More Options

Standard glass shower enclosures come standard with a frame or without a frame. With custom shower door enclosures you have many more options to choose from. You can choose the standard clear glass. You could also choose glass that has a variety of finishes or choose a different pattern. You can choose how much shading you want the door to have. For example, if you want more privacy choose glass that is frosted. You can still see out of the door but still have some privacy if someone walks into your bathroom while you are showering. 

If you choose framed glass shower enclosure it comes in the standard metal silver color. With custom doors, you can ask the manufacturer to make the frame a different color. Instead of silver, you could choose browns or tans. Choosing something that goes well with the décor of your bathroom, the color of the flooring, or the color of the walls. 

The thickness of the glass is another option. You can have custom shower doors made with thicker glass than standard doors. This makes the doors even more durable for you and your family. 

Different Placement

Replacing a shower door when you are not moving the shower is not difficult. If you are remodeling your entire bathroom, however, and moving your shower to another area, replacing the shower door is much more detailed. 

This is where custom shower doors are beneficial. The contractor will know the best placement to install the new shower in your bathroom. For example, they will know where they can safely install hardware so that it does not interfere with existing plumbing or electrical lines that are in the flooring and the walls. 

Installing your shower in an area where there are electrical lines is dangerous for you and your family. If the plumbing lines are affected you will have a lot of plumping problems, which will result in expensive repairs. 

Talk with the contractor that installs your custom shower doors to determine other options you have to choose from. For more information on custom shower enclosures, contact a professional near you.