Designing a Sunroom? Tips to Help You Get the Room of Your Dreams

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Designing a Sunroom? Tips to Help You Get the Room of Your Dreams

8 June 2022
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If you want to add a sunroom to your home, start with the right design. Mistakes during the design process can undermine your ability to truly enjoy your new sunroom. Not only that, but the wrong designs can adversely affect the appearance of your home. If you're not sure where to start on the designs for your new sunroom, make use of the tips provided here. 

Get the Space You Need

When it comes to designing your new sunroom, one of the first things you want to do is consider the space. In other words, how much space do you need? If you make your sunroom design too small, you can't use the space effectively. If you're concerned about space constraints, talk to a sunroom contractor. They can help you free up much-needed space for your new sunroom. For instance, plumbing fixtures, trees, and other obstacles can be moved to give you the space you need for your new sunroom addition. 

Account for Lighting

Now that you're designing your new sunroom, don't forget to plan for lighting. You might think that the sun will provide all the lighting you need, but that's not actually the case. After all, you might want to use your sunroom in the evenings, or on gloomy days. The right light fixtures will allow you to use your sunroom more effectively. When designing your sunroom, be sure to talk to your contractor about adding recessed lighting, and other features.

Plan for the Doors

If you're designing a new sunroom for your home, be sure that the doors are placed in the right locations. One way to do that is to take a look at the view from the sunroom. If there's a specific view that you'd like to enjoy, make sure that wall isn't taken up with a door. Also, adding bi-fold doors will allow you to open up your sunroom, allowing for fresh air and ventilation. 

Add Ambiance

Finally, when creating a sunroom design, remember to bring some ambiance into the room. There are a couple of ways you can do that. First, you can add a fireplace to the room. Adding a fireplace will allow you to extend the use of your sunroom into the colder months. Second, consider adding a skylight. A skylight will increase the natural lighting in the room. The added skylight will also allow you to see the evening sky while you're in your sunroom at night.