Which Type Of Glass Shower Door Should You Install?

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Which Type Of Glass Shower Door Should You Install?

20 December 2021
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If you have decided to install shower doors in your bathroom, you are one step away from having a wonderful experience every time you visit the room. The next decision you need to make is to choose the kind of glass you prefer. The choice you make will affect the bathroom's appearance significantly. 

Generally, you're supposed to consider factors like style, privacy, maintenance, and budget before making the final decision. This post will share different types of glass for shower doors and their features to make the decision process much easier.

Clear Glass

Most people prefer shower doors made of clear glass for many reasons. They let light into the room, don't get outdated fast, and make the room appear more spacious than it really is. However, this transparent glass may not work in your favor if you require some privacy. You will be completely visible, and this might be good or bad, depending on your circumstances. 

One major pitfall you should know before getting clear glass shower doors is that they don't hide grime, streaks, or dirt. You will need to clean it every day to give the bathroom that sparkling look. This can be stressful and time-consuming if you don't want to hire a cleaning service.

Tinted Glass

Another option you should consider because it provides a sleek appearance is the tinted glass. You can choose from a variety of tones such as black, gray, or bronze. Most people prefer using slightly tinted shower doors to get an opaque look, while a few go for fully tinted ones so no one can see through the glass. If you choose to get a dark tone tint for privacy, you may need a separate light for the shower area.

Textured Glass

If you don't want clear or tinted glass shower doors, you can opt for textured glass, which comes in various forms. Frosted glass is made by etching one part of the glass surface to form an opaque texture. This allows you to get filtered light into the shower stall without compromising your privacy. The frosted glass comes in various blue shades, patterns, and designs, but it can be hard to clean when compared to clear glass.

Rain glass is a popular choice, and it's also textured on one side. The fixture lets in more light because the glass isn't frosted and offers some privacy due to the texture. What's more, the glass hides watermarks and fingerprints and will not trap dirt easily.

Now that you know some popular options, picking the most suitable glass for your shower doors shouldn't be difficult. Contact a glass shower door supplier near you to learn more.