3 Signs You Should Replace Your Storefront Windows

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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Storefront Windows

16 July 2021
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The glass in storefront windows doesn't last forever. You might need to replace it if it develops a problem. When might you need new windows for your store?

1. You Have Glass Damage

The most obvious reason to replace a storefront window is glass damage. Someone or something might knock against the glass and crack it. If someone has tried to break into your store, they might have broken the glass. Even minor damage to a storefront window, like a crack or a chip, can turn into a more significant problem. Any damage on glass can get worse quite quickly.

For example, a cracked window might break if high winds blow something into the glass. Any breach in the surface weakens the window and makes it more likely to shatter. Plus, a weakened window is an invitation for thieves. They'll find it easier to break the glass enough to gain entry if they can work on a weak spot.

If your glass is damaged, then call out a glass contractor. The damage might be fixable. Or, you might need to replace the window.

2. Your Energy Costs Are Increasing

Your window glass should contribute to your store's thermal efficiency. The glass should act as a layer of insulation. Sound glass should keep hot air outside and cooled air inside during hot summer weather. During the colder months, it should keep heat in the building and act as a barrier to outside temperatures and drafts.

If your glass is old and has lost some insulation, then it might not work as a thermal barrier in either direction. You might have to run heating and cooling systems more often and at higher rates to maintain the right ambient temperature in your store. So, you might start to see increases in your energy bills compared to previous years. If nothing else has changed, then your windows might be the culprit. Installing new glass will lower your bills again.

3. Your Glass Doesn't Look Good

Your storefront glass should be clear, clean, and unobtrusive. It enables people to see inside your store; it also says something about your business. If your glass is scratched, has scuff marks, or is regularly clouded with condensation, then people can't see through it clearly. It won't do anything for the cosmetic appeal of your store. New glass makes your store look better. Your windows will work the way they should.

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