Why Driving With A Damaged Windshield Can Be Exceptionally Dangerous

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Why Driving With A Damaged Windshield Can Be Exceptionally Dangerous

25 March 2021
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Most people recognize driving as quite a dangerous activity even at the best of times, with tens of thousands of people losing their lives on the road each year. However, when it comes to your own car, many people are quite easy to dismiss problems that they see as small or ones they can work around because they trust their own abilities. You may not understand the risks you take when you drive with even minor issues. For instance, driving with a cracked or slightly dislodged windshield can be very dangerous, and yet many people do. Here are three reasons why windshield replacement services should always be called as soon as possible when you notice an issue.

Shattering Mid-drive

Even the smallest of cracks can be jolted into a major one that covers most of your windshield in a single drive, and if you are unlucky enough, it can even shatter. A windshield shattering is one of the most disorienting experiences you can go through, as not only are you littered with the glass but now you also have the wind howling in at a high speed. This becomes an extremely difficult position to come to a stop safely, while still knowing what the traffic around you is doing, and is a major reason why you should not ever drive with cracks in your windshield, no matter how small.

Seal Breaking

The seal for your windshield is what keeps it in place, and once part of this material comes loose, the windshield can lose all structural stability and can start to move out of position. You might notice the little bit of black rubber that runs around your windshield has come free in sections. Do not drive if you see this, as that is part of the seal. This sort of windshield replacement work is much easier, especially if caught early, so don't risk spending more than you have to to get it fixed!

Infringement Notice

If you are driving with any sort of vehicle defect and a police officer notices it, then they can give you a ticket and either impound your car or make sure that it is fixed asap. Windshield problems are very easy for police to notice, and if you get caught driving around with it, then you have the cost of repairing it plus the additional fine and possibly points on your license. It is simply not worth the risks when you consider a broken windshield could negatively affect your wallet, your health, and your driving ability, so get your windshield replaced before it hurts you.