5 Reasons To Consider Commercial Glass Replacement

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5 Reasons To Consider Commercial Glass Replacement

9 February 2021
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Well-maintained commercial glass can give clients a positive first impression of your business. However, over time, your commercial glass may start to develop problems. Repairing might work for some time, but you should replace the glass after several repairs. Here are five reasons to consider commercial glass replacement.

1. Reduce Energy Bills

When glass gets old, it might lose its insulation properties. This means that it tends to lose cool air quickly and allow heat to pass through. As a result, you may be forced to use your HVAC more often, increasing your energy bills.

Commercial glass replacement helps you get quality, well-sealed glass with efficient insulation. You will ensure your office is comfortable and won't need to depend on the HVAC all the time.

2. Improve Security

The glass industry has benefited from advanced technology. Modern glass types are made using hardening procedures to increase their strength and durability. Most traditional panes are float or annealed glass, which is not that strong. If you installed your commercial glass years back, the chances are you have this weak glass type.

Modern glass replacement allows you to install strong glass types, such as tempered and laminated options. They are hard to break and can make it hard for a potential burglar to access your offices. Besides, if they break, they will shatter into harmless pieces, protecting your employees in case of an accident.

3. Protect Your Items

A glass that allows sun rays to penetrate can cause furniture, carpet, and artwork to fade. Fortunately, most modern commercial glass types, such as tinted ones, can block or reflect UV rays. Therefore, they can help protect the integrity of your belongings in the office.

4. Reduce Noise

Today, single-pane glass is no longer that common as it has been replaced by double or triple-pane glass. These multiple panes can block outside noise considerably and guarantee peace of mind in the workplace. Therefore, they are a perfect choice if your commercial building is near a busy road or along the streets.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

New glass types come in appealing styles that can improve the appearance of your commercial building. You can choose tinted glass to enhance your building facade. Moreover, you can select glass that reflects the surroundings. Colored glass is also an excellent option for you to improve your commercial structure's appearance.

In addition, you can be creative with how you use the glass. For instance, you can install floor-to-ceiling storefront glass or use glass as dividers in offices. This will also improve the aesthetics of your commercial space.

Replacing outdated and old glass can help you enjoy these benefits. Contact a commercial glass replacement service for more information.