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Ultrapulse welding can save weight and material cost by making joints with very little overlap (6). One large weld can be made which is equal in strength to a number of conventional spot welds (7). These large hollow spot welds are known as Footmark welds and are presently being made with diameters up to .75 inches (8). Quanta can also produce Footmark weld shapes other than rings, to suit the need(9).In joining thicker parts, use of Ultrapulse provides wide freedom to shape the weld area. Studs can be designed to put the weld where it will give the best strength (10). The Ultrapulse process can also seal a hole instantly, at a lower cost than tapping and pipe pluging (11).

The shape of the parts to be joined often provides the best projection, as in joining tubes or rods to flat surfaces (12). These are just a few examples of the flexibility and freedom of design the Ultrapulse process offers designers.

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