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Precision Assembly, Machining, Welding and Systems Integration Solutions

A Tradition of Designing and Building the Highest Quality Equipment and Integrated Systems Available to Industry

AAM-Equipco Systems Integration

Founded in 1972 as AAMWeld-Equipco, Inc. and changed its name to AAM-Equipco, Inc. in 1976. Originally organized as designers and builders of special resistance and fusion welding machines and systems. In the later 1980s we expanded our capabilities into the automated assembly, machining and robotic systems integration fields. Then in 1997 AAM-Equipco again expanded its product line with the acquisition of Union Carbide's "ULTRAPULSE" Welding Machine line of capacitor discharge welders.

Our innovative capabilities and solid history of quality and dependability has provided AAM-Equipco with a solid and continuously growing customer base. Over the years AAM-Equipco's philosophy and customer dedication has remained focused on providing the best engineered piece of equipment offered using the latest available technology. Excellence and customer satisfaction are key elements of AAM-Equipco's overall operating philosophy. Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer dedication are the basic fundamentals which ensures the development of new, fresh ideas and a solid plan for rapid implementation.

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AAM-Equipco - designers and builders of special resistance and fusion welding machines and systems; automated assembly, machining and robotic systems; and ULTRAPULSE welders. Specialties include robotic cells, brazing, arc welding, and laser systems.