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CNC Laser Systems for CO2 and Nd:YAG applications

AAM-Equipco Standard Series Multi-axis CNC Laser Workstation

Features of CNC Laser Systems from AAM-Equipco:

  • Available from the basic 2-axis system to the custom 8-axis system.
  • Quality systems suitable for industrial prototype and production
    applications with all necessary laser safety features included.
  • Standard Series features Aerotech CNC Motion Controller Systems.
  • Systems can be provided with granite bases or general machine tool construction.
  • Special tooling and workholding fixtures can also be provided as required.
  • Standard Series Systems Available in 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Add-on to existing laser system with beamswitch for laser sharing.
  • May be purchased as complete system integrated with laser or as stand-alone workstation.

    Multi-axis CNC Laser Workstation Specifications
    Mini Multi-axis CNC Laser Workstation Specifications

Standard workstations

Special Laser Tooling & Gaging - Automotive Application

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Systems Available: (for Welding, Cutting, Heat-treating, Etc)

  • X-Y-Z Bridge with moving optics for contouring paths.
  • X-Y-Z Gantry.
  • X-Y-Z with rotary for round part processing.
  • Complete Custom Applications.

Laser Systems Integration:

  • High Speed Positioning
  • Loaders - Unloaders - Part feeders
  • Indexers with Dial mounted tooling
  • In-line Transfers and Shuttles
  • Vision Systems
  • Electronic Measurement
Beam Delivery Systems:
  • Fixed optics CO2
  • Fixed & Fiber Nd:Yag

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