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High speed and low heat make Ultrapulse a unique cost-saving
production process.

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Ultrapulse Low Heat Resistance Welding

Ultrapulse solid state pulse resistance welding is a process in which joints are produced electrically with little heat since the weld is completed in milliseconds. In many cases, Ultrapulse welding can join metals where no other process would be practical or feasible.

Ultrapulse is resistance welding, but with little or no melted nugget and with very little heat affect (1).

Absence of heat allows Quanta to weld pre hardened tips to engine valves (2); finish-ground shafts to pistons, hubs or gears (3); and studs, hard or soft, to thick or thin parts (4).

Brackets, nuts or studs can be welded to sheets even if the opposite face of the sheet is painted or coated, without damage to the coating (5).

Low Heat Welding Examples - ULTRAPULSE

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