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AAM-Equipco Standard Series
Multi-axis CNC Laser Workstation

Available from the basic 2-axis CNC Laser to the custom 8-axis system.

  • Quality systems suitable for industrial prototype and production
    applications with all necessary laser safety features included.
  • Standard Series features Aerotech CNC Motion Controller Systems.
  • Systems can be provided with general machine tool construction or granite bases.
  • Special tooling and work holding fixtures can also be provided as required.
  • Standard Series Systems Available in 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Add-on to existing laser system with beam switch for laser sharing.
  • Available as complete system integrated with laser or as stand-aloneworkstation.


Standard Laser Workstation
4 Axis CNC

Standard Specifications

Linear Stages

       X Y travel = 300mm (11.81) std. 400(15.75) max

       Z travel=300mm (11.81)

       Accuracy = 32 microns (.0013)

       Repeatability = +/-5 microns (.0002)

       Payload on XY = 45 kgf (100#)

       Travel speed 10/sec

       Recirculating Linear Guide Bearings

       Precision Ball Screw

       Side belted waycover plate

Worm Drive Precision Rotary Stage

       27 rpm or 50 rpm

       Payload 50#


       Aerotech A3200 PC based controller

       G-code programming

       Point to point motion

       Interpolated motion

       Velocity profiling


       Electronically geared motion

       Cutter compensation

       CNC functionality

       Electronic CAM profiling

       Axis calibration

       Fire Wire communication to drive amplifiers

       Ethernet I/O connection

Operator Controls

  • 15 Color Touch Screen
  • Keyboard & mouse

CDRH Class I Enclosure

  • Interior Lighting
  • Laser Safety Viewing Window
  • Operator access door on ball bearing slides

Optic Mounting

  • Manual angle adjustment
  • Coaxial focus adjustment +/- .50

Discreet I/O Laser Interface

Shield Gas Control w/ flowmeter

Power Reqmt: 120 VAC 30amp