A New Bathroom Mirror Could Make It Easier For Grooming While Brightening Your Bathroom

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A New Bathroom Mirror Could Make It Easier For Grooming While Brightening Your Bathroom

14 October 2020
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If you use your bathroom mirror for grooming every morning, then good lighting and a big mirror are essential. If you just have a small mirror on a medicine cabinet, you can't see yourself very well. A large frameless mirror might be a good choice. In addition to a better view for grooming, a big mirror reflects light and makes your bathroom look brighter. Here are some tips for installing a new frameless mirror in your bathroom.

Choose Your New Mirror Carefully

Decide on the size of your new mirror taking into account other changes you may need to make. For instance, you might need to remove the medicine cabinet, or you might want to install a new vanity first. Also, consider the lighting. If there's a wall light in the way, you could have your mirror custom-made with a hole cut out for the light.

Hire a Bathroom Mirror Installation Service

A large mirror is heavy, and it could take two people to hold it steady and hang it on the wall. If you opt for a smaller framed mirror, installation is easier since you can hang it like a picture. A frameless mirror is usually installed using mirror tape for the most professional look. Clips can be used, but the clips are visible, and they detract from the appearance of the mirror.

Rather than risk hanging the mirror so it's uneven or unsafe or having to deal with other installation problems, call a bathroom mirror installation service to put up your mirror exactly the way you want it.

Decide if You Want to Rest the Mirror on the Vanity

Depending on your goals and the size of the mirror, you could have the mirror installed with the bottom resting on the vanity for support. The mirror still has to be taped, but the vanity helps hold the mirror in place while the mirror is being installed and afterward too.

The other option is for the installation professional to attach a brace to the wall first so the mirror can be aligned and supported properly before it's affixed to the wall with double-sided tape. If the mirror isn't too heavy, a brace might not be needed. Once the mirror is firmly attached, the brace is removed and you'll have a space between the vanity and mirror for a backsplash.

Choose the Right Hanging Equipment

The installation professional needs to know the weight of the mirror to make sure the right tape or other equipment is used to support it. They also have to find the right place on the wall to drive in the nails to install the temporary brace if one is needed. Nails have to be driven in the studs if your bathroom has drywall.

Once the mirror is positioned on the wall, you may want to give it one last look to make sure you like the mirror and its location before it is attached permanently. A mirror installed with double-sided tape can be taken down, but the tape might peel off some of the paint in the process.

However, if you mount the mirror with brackets or clips, you'll have holes left behind once you take down the mirror. The installation company will choose the right method of installation according to your wishes and what's best for supporting the mirror.

For more information about bathroom mirror installation, contact a local installation company, like Econo Glass Systems.