Responding To Your Business's Broken Window

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Responding To Your Business's Broken Window

19 May 2020
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A broken window can be a significant problem for almost any business, and it is a reality that many businesses will eventually need to address this type of damage. As a result, if you own or manage a business, you should have a plan in place for how to handle broken windows so that you will not be caught off-guard by this problem.

Safely Clean Any Debris From The Floor

One of the first things that you should do following a window breaking will be to safely clean up any of the debris that could have fallen on the interior of the business. During this work, you should make sure that the appropriate safety gear is used, such as thick-soled shoes and protective gloves. After cleaning up the larger pieces of glass, you may find it harder to clean the much smaller pieces and shards. An effective tip for this is to shine a flashlight on the ground as you will be able to see the reflection from these smaller pieces.

Use An Emergency Glass Repair Service

Having the damaged glass repaired as quickly as possible is essential for keeping the business safe and to ensure that it remains an attractive option for customers. To this end, you should use a commercial glass repair service that is able to offer emergency repairs. These professionals will be able to arrive at your business and complete the repairs in a matter of hours as opposed to days. In fact, many of these services will even be able to cut the glass on-site even if the shape is rather unusual, which can save considerable amounts of time as it will avoid the need to have these panes of glass custom ordered.

Consider Covering The Interior Side Of The Window Until A Repair Technician Arrives

Even an emergency glass repair service will need several hours before they are able to arrive on the site to complete these repairs. To minimize the damage that can occur to the interior of your building and to reduce the impacts on the HVAC system, you can cover the window with thick protective plastic. An added benefit of this option will be that it can also reduce the risk of glass from the window frame continuing to fall inside after you have cleaned it. While you are putting this protective plastic in place, you should take great care to avoid accidentally dislodging any glass shards as they may tear the plastic.

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